About us

Kadrimardi Ltd. began operations on 06.06.1997. We import and sale electrical appliances and electrical safety equipment in Estonia.

Since 2008 according to the growing demand for auxiliary devices to hearing impaired and deafs – Kadrimardi Ltd commenced cooperation with Bellman & Symfon AB. These products are among the best in Europe. We are now official distributor of Swedish company Bellman & Symfon AB in Estonia.

We work in three important directions:

  • Consulting

    We consult each a hearing impaired and deaf how to use purchased, only to them needed audio and notification auxiliary devices.

  • Cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

    • We advise any employer who hires hearing impaired and deafs to their company.
    • We provide technical solutions for employees hearing impaired and deaf by necessary audio and notification auxiliary devices in your company.
    • These technical solutions allow for hearing impaired or deaf the same productivity of the work and safety as able-bodied worker.
  • Continuous product innovation

    We renew continuously the products, for example, this year you can see our  new FM and Bluetooth wireless auxiliary devices for the hearing impaired:

    • TV / radio speaker – listening or watching all your favorite programs – without wires up to 100m from home.
    • Wireless Bluetooth hands free loopset LPS-6. You can talk to mobile phone, which is a bag or in the car or another room or you have forgotten in the kitchen. By TV watching You do not lost any mobile call.
    • Visit Smart hub wireless home information center by neckloop LPS-6. For sale in April 2017.

Kadrimardi Ltd. selling products are reliable and perfect quality, but at a reasonable price.